Before beginning the membership process:

  • Illinois residents must have a valid FOID
  • Must have an active membership with the NRA
  • Annual dues are $228 for single membership and $342 for families

Membership Process:

  • Download and fill out the membership form (Click here for the form)
  • Register for a Shooter Orientation Class (SOC) online - $25 fee*
  • Voting on prospective members is done monthly

Once you have filled out the required online member ship form and submitted a copy of your FOID and NRA card, you must register to attend a Shooter Orientation Class (SOC). There is a $25 fee for the class that is applied to your first year’s membership dues. After attending the class, a qualified instructor will advise the membership of your performance.

The membership holds Membership Meetings the first Tuesday of every month to vote on prospective members. Once the membership has voted, you will be required to pay any remaining dues for your first year. Membership fees are prorated if you join during the year. You will be invoiced prior to the Monthly Membership Meeting. Upon payment in full, you will be issued a key card for 24-hour access to the club, as well as granted access to the exclusive members only areas of the club website.

We are strictly a volunteer club and do not have full-time people to answer the phone. If you still have questions about becoming a member, please contact the Club’s Membership Director through the Help Desk.

About the Entry and Shooter Orientation Class (SOC)

The Pine Tree Pistol Club Shooter Orientation Class is a single 7-hour class, broken into two parts, and typically held once a month. Prospective members must attend, however you may be eligible to skip the first 4-yours of the class if you meet one of the following criteria.

  • Illinois Concealed Carry Class Graduates
  • USPSA Classified Shooters
  • IDPA Ranked Shooters
  • 3 Gun Nation Shooters
  • Active duty military or veteran of the armed forces, with pistol quals
  • Current LEO

Things to bring:

  • Approved firearm
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Ammunition - at lease 50 rounds
  • Your DL, FOID/CCW, and NRA IDs
  • Printed copy of your online registration form

During the 2nd half of the SOC class, prospective members must demonstrate the safe handling of firearms to the instructor's satisfaction, if the instructor does not think you are ready, you will be asked to take the full 8-hour course. Please contact "Training" in our Helpdesk if you have any further questions.

If you are already a member and are looking to pay your dues, make sure you are logged in and click the link at the top of page that reads, "Pay Dues."



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