We're thrilled that you are interested enough in practical shooting to explore how best to get started. You are about to take the first step on an exciting journey to a new world of safe, fair, family fun with some of the greatest people you will ever know.

Pine Tree regularly hosts a number of shooting sports events throughout the year. While some are more competitive, like USPSA and CMP matches, most provide a recreational means of testing a shooter's proficiency, accuracy, precision and speed. There are events for both adult and junior shooters.

We're thrilled that you are interested enough in practical shooting to explore how best to get started. You are about to take the first step on an exciting journey to a new world of safe, fair, family fun with some of the greatest people you will ever know.

Pine Tree regularly hosts a number of shooting sports events throughout the year. While some are more competitive, like USPSA and CMP matches, most provide a recreational means of testing a shooter's proficiency, accuracy, precision and speed. There are events for both adult and junior shooters.

RCSA Rimfire Challenge

Pine Tree Rimfire Steel is practice in Rimfire Challenge/Steel Challenge match format.  It's more relaxed and flexible than an actual match.  Safety rules are STRICTLY enforced.  Guns are bagged/cased except in the safety area or in the shooting box under the Range Officer's direction.  Eye and hearing protection are mandatory.  Ammunition is restricted to .22 Long Rifle rimfire only.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Pistol and/or rifle.  Starts are gun in hand, low ready.  Holsters are not allowed and you're only changing magazines between strings.  All you need is eye and hearing protection, guns, magazines, and ammunition.  There is a table next to the shooters box to organize your equipment while you are shooting the strings.

Stages are 5 to 7 hits on steel plates 30 to 35 feet away with the last hit on a stop plate.  Each participant shoots the course of fire (strings) five times with a total of the four fastest strings counting for score.

You will shoot pistol and rifle during a stage and we normally shoot between 2 to 4 stages.  You can shoot pistol twice or rifle twice if you prefer.  New shooters are welcome.  This is a great entry level event.  We will guide you thru the process.

This is practice oriented but it does get competitive.  Come on out and have some fun shooting steel!!  

Bowling Pin Shooting

.22 caliber pistols and/or rifles ONLY for all regular Bowling Pin Matches. All shooters will shoot at 5 pins on a table 25 feet away. Shooters will be timed from the sound of the start timer until the last pin hits the floor or 30 seconds, whichever comes first. Each shooter will shoot 5 tables with their total times from those rounds being their score. Cost is $5 per for five tables of pins. We often meet up for dinner afterwards somewhere in Rockford, all are welcome. Two classes of shooters will compete at this time, Novice and Expert. Novice shooters who win consistently will be asked to move themselves to the Expert class.Payouts to the top one to three shooters will be paid in each class depending on participation level. The more shooters we have, the greater the payout. All monies collected are paid out to the participants.


  • All range rules enforced. Eye & ear protection must be worn by all shooters and spectators
  • No firearm handling except when in designated safe area or after given load command by range officer
  • Firearms to be brought to the firing line cased and unloaded (cylinder empty, chamber empty and magazines removed)
  • When range officer states " load and make ready" that is your command to load and come to the start position. Start position is barrel of firearm touching the table
  • When start signal sounds, shooter commences firing
  • Each shooter has up to 30 seconds to shoot pins from table. When the last pin has cleared the table or 30 seconds has passed, shooter is to unload firearm and show Range Officer the empty cylinder or chamber. Firearms will then be cased
  • When the range officer declares "the line is clear", the shooter will then proceed down range to reset pins on table for nextround
  • Firearm handling while pin setters are down range is expressly forbidden

Bullseye Shooting

Come out and join us for Bullseye shooting. We shoot on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm, with practice starting about 6:00pm. If you want to learn how to shoot, not just throw lead at targets then you should join us.

Visit explore.nra.org for the official NRA Precision Pistol (Bullseye) rules.

We shoot 3 courses of fire. We start with slow fire, where you’ll learn to focus on the target and trigger control. It consists of 10 shots fired in 10 minutes. Next we’ll have the timed fire portion where we will shoot 5 shots in 20 seconds and we do it twice for a total of 10 shots. A lot of shooters consider the timed fire portion their favorite. There is plenty of time to squeeze off 5 shots.

Next, we do rapid fire! It’s the most challenging part of the course. You get to shoot 5 shots in 10 seconds. To do well you have to keep your focus; And again we do it twice for a total of 10 shots.

At that time you’ll have shot 30 shots with a possible score of 300. After we score all of our targets we get ready to do it again. The first time around we shoot a .22. the next round we can shoot either a .22 again or a center fire pistol or revolver. At the end of the night we’ll have shot 60 rounds. When you come down there will be someone to help you through the various stages so you’ll feel comfortable shooting with us. All of us started at some time! Once you experience Bullseye shooting, regular plinking won’t seem as much fun. You’ll notice improvements every time you shoot. The cost is only $5.00 for both rounds for members, and 6.00 for non-members. Join us we start on the first Tuesday in October and shoot till just before Easter. You don’t have to shoot every Tuesday, just join us when you’re free.

Our Tuesday night Bullseye League, which runs from October through March, shoots 2 National Gallery Courses at a range of 50 feet. Practice starts at 6:00pm and the match starts at 6:30pm.

Police Pistol Combat

PPC Matches at Pine Tree will be on the second Sunday of the month from November through March. Cost is $5.00 for Pine Tree members and $8.00 for non-members. Shooting starts at 8:00am and ends at 12:00pm.

PPC is a revolver "friendly" type of target shooting and is a great way to get a new shooter into competition and hone the skills of sight alignment and trigger control. For those without a lot of time or money to spend on the firing line, the PPC course of fire is something that can be practiced to perfection through dry firing with dummy ammunition at home. For anyone looking for a shooting game that offers some variety in shooting positions and requires total focus and mental discipline, PPC is hard to beat. The nice feature of PPC is its relatively relaxed pace - with speed loaders anyone can meet the time limits and you don't have to be athletic to do well.

Pine Tree Minimum equipment required:

  • Handgun, usually a six-shot revolver of .22 caliber or above, but semi-auto's are fine too
  • Holster and sturdy belt (must be "strong-side", no cross-draw or shoulder rigs)
  • 3 speedloaders or 4 magazines (3 is a bare minimum, the more the better)
  • Loading tray (unless you have 10 speedloaders)
  • Bucket or tray for your reloads and empty cartridge cases
  • Belt mounted speedloader holders for at least three loaders
  • Eye and ear protection
  • At least 60 rounds of ammunition

PPC 48 Round Combat Course


Segment 1 - Twelve (12) rounds in twenty-five (25) seconds at seven (7) yards.

Segment 2 - Twelve (12) rounds in twenty-five (25) seconds at fifteen (15) yards.


Segment 3 - Eighteen (18) rounds in ninety (90) seconds at twenty-five (25) yards. Six (6) rounds kneeling - Six (6) rounds standing left barricade, left hand strong hand - Six (6) rounds standing right barricade, right hand strong hand.

Segment 4 - Six (6) rounds in twelve (12) seconds at twenty-five (25) yards standing with no support.

A B-27 target will be used. There will be a short intermission after Stage A for scoring and target repair. At the beginning of each stage, the weapon must be secured in the shooter’s holster. All reloading will be done with ammunition taken from the competitor’s magazine or speedloader pouches. A competitor will need a minimum of (4) magazines or speedloaders to compete in this match properly. All magazines and speedloaders will only be loaded with six (6) rounds as this course of fire is revolver friendly.

Defensive Pistol

Defensive Pistol is an enjoyable, responsible way for gun owners to hone safe shooting skills by using practical handguns and holsters that accurately depict experiences in controlled, real-world experiences. The main goal of Defensive Pistol matches is to test the skill of an individual, using practical pistols to solve challenging and exciting self-defensive shooting scenarios. During a match, you will be drawing your holstered handgun to engage multiple targets, actively move between various shooting positions, shoot on the move, perform tactical reloads and more, all while being timed.

Defensive Pistol Courses of fire fall into two categories: Self-defense scenarios and Standard exercises. Self-defense scenarios are simulations of actual or possible real-world confrontations using props, barricades and various layouts. After a walkthrough of the course, individual shooters are timed while they maneuver the stage. Scoring is based on a combination of time and accuracy. Standard exercises allow an opportunity to focus on specific shooting and gun handling skills. All scenarios include shots from 1-15 yards.

Both categories test for accuracy and speed. Physical condition has very little to do with your performance in a Defensive Pistol match. Although all shooters participating are scored and ranked, Defensive Pistol is about improving your own ability. If you're interested in using truly practical pistols to solve challenging and exciting defensive shooting scenarios, then Defensive Pistol is the sport for you.

At Pine Tree Defensive Pistol, our goals include:

  • Promoting safe and proficient use of guns and equipment, suitable for self-defense offering a practical shooting sport that allows for concentration on the development of skills and fellowship with other like-minded shooters
  • Providing a level playing field for all competitors; your skill is tested by your ability, not your equipment or gamesmanship
  • Providing separate divisions for equipment and classifications for shooters, such that guns with similar characteristics are grouped together and people with similar skills compete only against those at a similar skill level
  • Providing shooters with practical and realistic courses of fire that simulate a potentially life-threatening encounter or that tests your safe firearm handling skills

Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) Division

Strong Side Outside the Waist Band Holster

Max of 10 rounds in magazines (+1 for first mag)

Cover Garment (shirt, vest, jacket)

Sport Division

Strong Side Outside the Waist Band Holster

Max of 10 rounds in magazines (+1 for first mag)

No Cover garment required

Equipment Needed (for either division)

  • Stock semi-automatic pistol or revolver in calibers .22LR, .380 acp, (sub caliber) 9mm to .45 acp
  • No "competition-only" race gun type pistols
  • A holster that covers the trigger guard that is suitable for daily carry(strong side and belt mounted only)
  • At least 100 rounds of ammo - more is always better
  • Extra magazines or speed loaders - 3 recommended along with carrier for at least 1
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Safe attitude


Please understand that even though many members of the Club’s Board of Directors are either USPSA members or regular participants of this sport, our first and foremost concern and responsibility is the safe operation of the ranges and the safety of our members and guests. All USPSA event participants will be required to read and abide by the policies established by the USPSA and Pine Tree Pistol Club concerning these events, or be asked to leave.

Pine Tree has action pistol practice sessions every Thursday evening starting at 6PM. We also have a sanctioned USPSA level I match the first Sunday of the month beginning at 8AM. If you want to participate, please be there no later than 5:30 PM, on Thursdays and between 8AM and 11Am on Sunday. We need help to setup and tear down.

For those of you new to the shooting sports we ask you to identify yourself, so that we may give you a safety check and assign you a mentor. The mentor will shoot with you and advise you on safety and proper firearm control. When the mentor feels you are safe they will allow you to shoot without them. In the coming weeks we will implement a safety and USPSA orientation class which will be required of all new shooters who do not hold a USPSA C Class certification or above. This policy will not include shooters who we have already mentored and shot with previously. However, if we observe unsafe actions, we may require any shooter to take the class and be assigned a mentor until such times as they are deemed safe.

If you are asked to attend a class or are assigned a mentor, please do not be offended. We are only thinking of your safety, the safety of others and the viability of the Club. There have been accusations that we are unfriendly toward other shooting disciplines and to the general membership. This is absolutely false, and in the coming months we will let our actions speak to this.

Our Thursday practice starts at 6:00pm and it is customary to chip in $5.00 to cover target and prop use. Non members will also be required to pay a $20 guest fee. Help is always needed for setup and teardown, and all shooters are expected to lend a hand.

Our Monthly Matches are held on the first Sunday of the month and shooting 6 stages and start at 8:00am. The cost is $15.00 for members and $25.00 for non-members.

We strongly encourage anyone who wants to shoot USPSA to become a member of the USPSA. We also urge you to take the Range Officer Class.

For more information on that you can speak to Dave Sharp, Ron Evans or Jason Downs.

Jr. Rifle and Pistol

Pine Tree's Junior Rifle & Pistol is an organization specifically for youth shooters ages 9-18 and it meets Wednesday evenings from October through March and recently added summer months April through September . The junior club is a CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) affiliate which affords its members the opportunity to compete and/or attend shooting clinics at the National Matches held annually at Camp Perry, Ohio.

Pine Tree's Junior Rifle & Pistol is open to youths in the general public as well as to the family members of Pine Tree Pistol Club.

Junior shooters are taught in the classroom and on the range how to handle firearms in a careful and responsible manner. They learn the basics of shooting from experienced instructors and range officers using .22 caliber rifles.

For more information about this program contact:

October thru March - Brian Preston 815-282-6127

April thru September - Greg Davis



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