ICORE is very similar to USPSA matches, same exact safety rules and enforcement. But ICORE is all Revolver shooting!
These matches are so much fun, and we have a great group of shooters every month, all are more than willing to help and guide new shooters. There are 4 different divisions making almost any revolver appropriate for our matches.

Classic division is for 6 shot revolvers using speed loaders.
Limited 6 division is for 6 shots revolvers using Moon Clips.
Limited division is for 8 shot revolvers using Moon Clips.
Open division is for 8 shot revolvers using Red Dots and Moon Clips

For those of you new to the shooting sports we ask you to identify yourself, so that we may give you a safety check and assign you a mentor. The mentor will shoot with you and advise you on safety and proper firearm control. When the mentor feels you are safe they will allow you to shoot without them. We prefer you have shooting experience and Holster training. Pine tree offers intro to shooting sports training. We always recommend that you come out and watch a match first, see first hand the choices in equipment before spending money!

Our Matches are once a month and always on a Monday. Current costs are 5.00 for our 5 stage matches, these prices might rise a little this year.

We strongly encourage anyone who wants to shoot ICORE to become a member of the ICORE. Please read the rules and information about membership on the ICORE website: https://www.icore.org/

We have 34 guests and one member online

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