Q: I’m a member of the Club, how do I log in?

A: Members can log in to exclusive sections of the site by clicking the login box in the upper right corner of any page.

Q: I forgot my password and/or username

A: From the login pop-up there are options to reset your password and reclaim your username. The "Forgot your Username?" and "Forgot your Password?" links are located at the bottom.

Q: How do I gain access to Range 3?

A: Range 3 can be reserved by Members that have met the training prerequisites and upgraded their membership to include access. For more information please submit a Help Desk ticket under the Category: Membership.

Q: How do I reserve Range 3?

A: Go to Members ⟶ Range 3 Booking ⟶ New Booking in the main navigation to make a reservation.

Q: How do I see who has Range 3 reserved?

A: You can view the name of the member who’s reserved the range by hovering over the blocked off time (indicated by a red box) on the Range 3 calendar with your mouse. This feature works best on desktop and laptop computers.

Q: Can I order items from the online Shop and pickup my items at the Club to save on shipping?

A: While some of the Legacy Items in our online Shop are available for pickup at the club, many are drop-shipped directly to your home. Pickup vs delivery only will be specified in the item’s description.

Q: How do I report something wrong at the Club?

A: If you encounter problems at the Club, with the facility or equipment, please submit a Help Desk ticket under the Category: Building & Maintenance. Describe the issue as best you can, and feel free to attach images from a camera or mobile device.

Q: Who do I notify about a bug or glitch on the new website?

A: Please send a Help Desk ticket to the Category: Webmaster. Describe the issue as best you can, and if possible attach screenshots. Especially if the issue is occurring on a mobile device.

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