Pine Tree Pistol Club (PTPC) is the largest indoor shooting facility in the area, featuring three separate ranges. Range One is a 75 yrd range featuring six shooting points. Range Two, our primary range, is a 17 yrd range with 12 shooting points. Range Three is our open range, for use by members who have met the requirements for holster use. There members can reserved the range for private use, and make use of the club's wide variety of steel and paper targets. All PTPC ranges are handicap accessible.

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Pine Tree Pistol Club is “Open to the Public” from 1:00pm until 5:00pm on the second and fourth Sundays of the month. Range officers are on duty to assist visitors on the range. Illinois residents need a valid FOID card (or uner the supervision of someone that does), residents of other states need a valid state issued ID. All federal, state and local laws apply. All Pine Tree Pistol Club rules apply. Click HERE to see the general club rules and the approved and prohibited ammunition list.


  • Immediately on entering the Building:
    • Every Member shall sign the Log Book
    • Every visitor shall sign their name in the Club's logbook and sign a waiver form
  • Every person entering the Range, whether Member or Visitor, places himself under full control of the Range Officer or his/her assistants, and must at all times comply with their lawful directions and instruction, along with these Rules for Safety and Conduct
  • Refusal to Obey: No person shall refuse to obey the instruction of the Range Officer or any other Official in the proper conduct of the affairs of the office
  • All firearms must be cased and unloaded until ready to shoot
  • Cylinders will be open, or slides back and magazines out, unless the pistol is cased
  • No person shall touch the pistol of another person without the Owner's permission, In the case of club pistols, permission must be obtained from the Range Officer
  • No person on the shooting line shall touch a pistol when any person is forward of the shooting line
  • Discipline: The Safety of Members, Range Personnel and Spectators requires continual attention by all to the careful handling of pistols, and caution in moving about the Range. Self-discipline is necessary on the part of all Members, Range Personnel and Spectators. Where such self-control is lacking it is the duty of the Range Personnel to enforce it, and the duty of Members to assist in such enforcement
  • Policing the Range: It is the duty of the Members to clean up the range
  • Intoxicating Liquor:
    • No liquor shall be permitted on the premises at any time
    • No person shall be admitted to the Range of the Club while under the influence of drugs or intoxicating liquor
    • Any person found apparently under the influence of intoxicating liquor on the Range shall be REMOVED FORTHWITH and if such a person is a member of the Club, shall be liable to Expulsion
    • Any person violating sub-paragraph (a), (b) and (c) if a Member of the Club, shall be liable to Expulsion, or if a Visitor from another Club shall be reported in writing to his own Club. If a Competition is in progress, the offender will in addition be Disqualified from the Competition
  • Only paper or cardboard targets are allowed except during supervised activities

Per the current Pine Tree Pistol Club Membership Handbook under the heading of Range Rules, the Executive Committee has compiled the following list to define the types of Allowed and Not-Allowed Ammunition on the Ranges.

Allowed Ammunition

.22 L.R /Long / Short / CB
.22 Magnum (PISTOL ONLY)
.25 ACP 7.62 Nagant Revolver
.30/7.65 mm Luger
.32 ACP
.32 Smith & Wesson
.32 Smith & Wesson Long
.32 H&R Magnum
.327 Magnum
.357 Sig
.357 Magnum
.380 Auto
.38 Smith & Wesson
.38 Special
.38 Super Auto
9mm Makarov (9x18)
9mm Luger (9x19)
.40 Smith & Wesson
.44 Russian
.44 Special
.45 ACP
.45 Colt
.455 Eley
.455 Webly

Prohibited Ammunition

.17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire (HMR)
.17 Mach 2 5.7x28 mm (FN 5.7x28)
.22 Magnum (RIFLE) .22 Jet
.30 Carbine 7.62X25 Tokarev/7.63mm Mauser
.32-20 9mm Winchester Magnum .357 Maximum
.400 Corbon
.41 Magnum
.44 Magnum
.45 Winchester Magnum
.45 Super Auto
.454 Casull
.460 S & W Magnum
.475 Linebaugh
.480 Ruger
.500 Linebaugh
.50 AE
.500 S & W Magnum
All rifle cartridges
All Shotgun cartridges even if they are fired from handguns.