1. Vendor is responsible for complying with all applicable Federal, State and Local Laws.
  2. Vendor merchandise or services offered for sale, displayed or advertised must be guns or for gun related activities (i.e. ammo, parts, scopes, safes, cases, etc.), shooting sports, gunsmith services, military equipment, knives, leather goods (holsters, scabbards, pouches, belts, chaps, saddles, etc.) Western items, hunting outfitter services, hunting and shooting clothing and headgear, and gun related printed material. No flea market items allowed.
  3. No pets or unsupervised minor children are allowed.
  4. All firearms brought inside the gun show building must be unloaded, magazines removed and actions left open at all times.
  5. Vendors will not possess, consume or dispense any alcoholic beverages at any time on the gun show premises.
  6. Vendors will keep all ammunition sealed in boxes or bags and will not allow any loose ammunition on tables.
  7. No unsealed black powder, live artillery shells, mines, grenades, or destructive devices are allowed.
  8. Vendors are prohibited from performing gunsmith or reloading work during the show.
  9. Displays or items for sale that glamorize racism, hatred, or criminal activity are not allowed.
  10. Vendor understands and acknowledges the following:
    1. Table rental fees will be paid at the time their application is submitted.
    2. Tables may not be resold, sublet or transferred without prior approval.
    3. If a weapon discharges at a Vendor’s table, the Vendor will be immediately evicted from the show without refund or recourse and may face criminal or civil liability.
    4. Vendors are responsible for the actions of their employees, agents and others in their party. (This includes wearing of vendor tags) e. Pine Tree Pistol Club, its officers, and volunteers are not responsible for fire, theft, loss or injury.
  11. Tables not set-up by 8am on the day of the show are forfeited, revert back to the show and may be resold.
  12. Doors open for vendor setup at 6:00am on day of the show.
  13. Vendors must be packed up & out of the building no later than 4:00pm on the day of the show.
  14. Refusal to comply with the Pine Tree Pistol Club Gun Show Rules & Conditions will result in expulsion of the Vendor without refund.




Pine Tree Pistol Club Gun Show Vendor Application 

Gun Show Date: 04/22/2018 



Forest Hills Lodge 

1601 West Lane Rd 

Loves Park, IL 61111





Business Name: ____________________________________________________________________

Name: ____________________________________________________________________________


City, State, Zip Code:_________________________________________________________________

Email Address: _____________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: _____________________________________________________________________

Type of Exhibit: _____________________________________________________________________

Number of Tables @ $20.00 each : ____________________

# of Vendor Wristbands Needed: (Must be worn by all vendors during the show): _______________

By signing below I agree to the Pine Tree Pistol Club’s gun show rules & requirements:


__________________________________________     _______________

Vendor’s Signature                                        Date



Mail application & Check/Money Order Payable to:

Pine Tree Pistol Club

P.O. Box 6975 Rockford, IL 61125

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Pine Tree Pistol Club at:

815-520-9027 or

Table fees can be paid online on our website’s Gun Show page.

( )

If paying online, no application needs to be mailed in, however you are still responsible for following our gun show rules and requirements.

On day of the show, doors open for vendor setup at 6:00am and all vendors must be packed up & out of the building no later than 4:00pm


This application may also be downloaded by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

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