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  1. Utah: “School Safety Commission” Endorses Strict Gun Control Policies

    Yesterday, the Utah School Safety Commission met with the press to discuss their policy recommendations which they believe will make schools safer.
  2. NRA Endorses Representative Diane Black for Governor

    NRA endorses Rep. Diane Black for governor in the Tennessee Republican Primary Election. Black is the only Tennessee gubernatorial candidate with an “A” rating and perfect record on Second Amendment issues. 
  3. NRA Backs Motion to Halt New Jersey Magazine Ban

    NRA is backing a motion filed in the U.S. District Court of New Jersey to halt the enforcement of New Jersey's ban on so-called “high-capacity” magazines until the court rules on the underlying case. 
  4. Virginia: Loudoun County Board to Consider Overly-Restrictive Discharge Ordinance

    No summary available
  5. ACLU asks Vermont Gov. Scott to stop blocking pro-gun online critics

    "Each of the people who complained to us said that they did not use obscene or vulgar language and were expressing strictly political opinions about gun control," Diaz said.
  6. Illinois: Amid legal battle, Deerfield amends semi-auto ban to add standard-capacity magazines

    The ban was originally passed by a unanimous vote April 2. Officials contended that it was an amendment of a 2013 ordinance “regulating ownership and possession of assault weapons,” according to the language of the amendment. This week’s change stipulates that large-capacity magazines as well as assault weapons are not allowed in the village.
  7. North Carolina: Right to hunt and fish amendment resurfaces

    Voters would be asked to enshrine the right to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife in the North Carolina constitution under a measure that cleared the Senate Wednesday.
  8. Oregon anti-gun proposal won’t make November ballot

    Supporters of the initiative petition said Wednesday there isn’t enough time to obtain the more than 88,000 valid signatures necessary to get the item on the November ballot.
  9. Utah Lawmakers Planning New Effort on Gun Control Bill

    A group of Utah lawmakers said Wednesday they were working on legislation that would allow police to temporarily confiscate guns from people deemed to be a threat to the public and penalize parents if their child has easy access to their gun and uses it in a crime.
  10. Oregon: Gun Control Proponents Suspend Attempts to Qualify Initiative Petition 44

    Earlier today, the proponents for Initiative Petition 44 announced they are suspending their campaign for the year and will no longer seek to place the initiative on the November ballot.
  11. North Carolina: Right to Hunt and Fish Amendment Passes Senate

    Today, the North Carolina Senate passed Senate Bill 677
  12. Experts shoot holes in CNN's report on school gun violence

    The shooting massacre in February at a Florida high school has unleashed a plethora of what experts say are questionable statistics that stoke confusion regarding gun violence in America.
  13. Colorado: Boulder City Council decides gun stores can’t issue certificates to semi-auto owners

    The decision came after a brief discussion among City Council members Tuesday night as they considered tweaks to the ordinance outlawing the sale and possession of assault weapons, bump stocks and high-capacity magazines. Boulder, the council and several city officials are being sued in two separate cases challenging the measure.
  14. Mississippi: Golden Triangle sheriffs expect few problems with gun ruling

    Area sheriffs say they won't change how they handle security and don't anticipate problems or additional expenses related to the state Supreme Court's ruling that people with enhanced concealed-carry licenses can take their guns into courthouses.

  15. Gun bills advance in Pennsylvania House

    The Judiciary Committee sent five bills to the full House on Tuesday.
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