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Holster Qualification Class - Range 3 Closed
Tuesday 13 February 2018, 06:00pm - 09:00pm
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This class is for range 3 and holster qualification. Bring gun, holster, 100-200 rounds of ammo. Out side the waistband, strong side holsters only. No deep concealment holsters. This is for members only.

Registrations are now closed


James Welker
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michael petty
Cross.png'2018-02-12 09:53'
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Jerry Schoonover
Tick.png'2018-02-12 12:58'
Daniel Petkov
Tick.png'2018-02-13 07:29'
David Calderwood
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Tick.png'2018-02-13 14:24'
James Welker
Tick.png'2018-02-13 16:12'
James Welker
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