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Pine Tree Entry & Shooter Orientation Class (SOC)
Saturday 24 June 2017, 08:00am - 03:00pm
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Range 2 in use during this event.

This is a one day class. The class is 7-8 hours. Part 1 is 4hrs, starts at 8am and finishes at noon. Part 1 is for those that have no qualifying training. Part 2 is 3-4hrs is for those that have prior training such as Illinois Concealed Carry. If you are unsure as to which class you need, take them both!


If you think you may be able to take the second part of the class only, please open a help-desk ticket (Top of Page)  address it "Membership" and ask if you qualify. If Please do not sign-up for the second part only without speaking to our staff. (Ron Evans)

Cost: $25.00 per person


Gun rental is available at $50.00 per gun. This includes the use of a .22LR semi-automatic handgun and ammunition.

Pine Tree Pistol Club is a “Cold Range”. This means that ALL firearms must be unloaded and in a case before entering or leaving the facility.

To request more info, use the helpdesk (training)

Location Pine Tree Pistol Club, 5454 11th Street, Rockford, Il 61109
Spaces left for this event: 17


Benjermen Quick
Tick.png'2017-05-31 13:09'One Person$25.00Both Parts 8am-3pm
David Roser
Tick.png'2017-06-09 10:19'One Person$25.00Part 2 1pm to 3pm
Tick.png'2017-06-10 12:39'One Person$25.00Both Parts 8am-3pm
Kevin FitzPatrick
Tick.png'2017-06-12 12:36'One Person$25.00Part 2 1pm to 3pm
Chad Anderson
Tick.png'2017-06-20 08:48'One Person$25.00Both Parts 8am-3pm
John O'Neil
Tick.png'2017-06-20 12:40'One Person$25.00Both Parts 8am-3pm
David Schoemaker
Tick.png'2017-06-20 17:20'One Person$25.00Part 2 1pm to 3pm
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