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A reminder that our ranges will be closed for a "deep cleaning" for the next three days.  The schedule is:

Range #1 will be closed Monday May 21st from 8am until 5pm.
Range #3 will be closed from Tuesday May 22nd from 8am until 5pm.
Range #2 (and the hallway) will be closed from Wednesday May 23 through May 24th from 8am on the 23rd through....???? on the 24th.

These time are very .....ish.....it just depends on what the cleaning crews run into as to how long it will take, so please plan accordingly.  The ranges should be available in  the evenings.  We really won't be able to give real time updates so please bear with us as we get this important maintenance accomplished. 

Dave Sharp

Junior Rifle & Pistol is now back up and running with director Brian Frayne taking the lead on training. This class is open to all. Please see our calendar for details! If you have questions about this event, please open a helpdesk ticket and address it to "Gunshow"



Pine Tree Is Proud To Be Hosting the 4-H Shooting Sports


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Monthly RCSA Rimfire Challenge Shoot

1st saturday of the month now

22LR rifle and pistol

RCSA rules apply

The Illinois State RCSA Rimfire Challenge 2018 Registration is now open on Practiscore

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